Symetria – Symetria (Album Review)

Symetria – Symetria (Album Review)

Band: Symetria

Album: Symetria

Band Members:

Vince Santonastaso
Kevin Gust
Fernando Carrera
Blair Smith


Symetria Track Listing:

01 – Wakening
02 – Flying High
03 – Vinial Sin
04 – All The Same
05 – Stomp
06 – Time
07 – Too Late
08 – Symetria




Overall Impression:

In a world where artists are more into “computer sound effects” opposed to actually playing instruments this album is a breath of fresh air.  Symetria takes us all on a flashback to the days where we began our love of true metal,  those guitar riffs that just hook us from note one that you can hear in the song “Time” to the track that gets us wanting to get in the pit is what the song “Stomp” brings to the table.  These Jersey Boys should be very proud of themselves and what they have accomplished,  they set out to revamp the old school feel and that is exactly what they did.  Keep your ears open world this is just the beginning!



Kristin Kupiec

October 25th, 2017

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