Starset – Satellite – KLICK IT? or FLICK IT?

Starset – Satellite – KLICK IT? or FLICK IT?

Artist : Starset
Song Review: Satellite

KLICK IT OR FLICK IT? – KLicK’ed with a smile

Overall Impression:
Great song overall. Clear strong vocals. A pretty cool keyboard/synth background that gives it a futuristic vibe.  Nothing I did not dig about this song.  Even found myself singing the chorus randomly around the house after listening.

I am 1 person giving my 1 opinion on tracks/records and some may agree some may disagree.  That is the beauty of any piece of art, each person sees it different. When it comes down to it I am in radio and I am NOT a journalist nor do I pretend to play one on TV so please no grammar police etc.


Kristin Kupiec

July 28th, 2017

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