P!nk @ T-Mobile Arena (Las Vegas) May 26th 2018

P!nk @ T-Mobile Arena (Las Vegas) May 26th 2018

Saturday night, May 26, 2018, was the night P!nk added a little extra pizzazz to the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since I also photographed the event, we were briefed on her entrance.  They just said prepare to direct upward right off the bat. P!nk’s lovely assistant did not lie, and after an amazing vocal performance of Whitesnake’s, “Here I Go Again”, MAN DID SHE MAKE AN ENTRANCE!

An audience of thousands of screaming, adoring fans electrified the arena, the band and P!NK.

The guitar work of Justin Derrico was eargasmic.

I have waited a long time to see those two live on stage together, and trust me when I say, I was in no way disappointed.

While we are speaking of the band, let’s point out, that every band member, as well as every dancer, got their proper introduction on stage.  THAT is something you do not see often.  P!nk may have been front and center (or above you flying in a variety of apparatus), she gave everyone on that stage their recognition, and for that, I applaud her even more.

This show took you on a journey of decades.  The musical variety down to the arrangements of mixing No Doubt’s “Just A Girl” with her “Funhouse” while wearing the yellow plaid to pay homage to Gwen (Stefani), and then going into Nirvana’s “Smell’s Like Teen Spirit” was freaking genius.

The use of the retro TV to perform the duet with Nate Reuss of “Just Give Me A Reason” was brilliantly concepted. The 80’s flair added to “Raise Your Glass”, was clever, and adored by this 40-year-old woman.

I cannot give enough praise for the time and artistic planning that went into this production.  This includes the AMAZING costume, set and lighting designers.  I stared at this set like I had never been to a show before.  It was breath taking.

When we were prepping to photo the show, we were placed next to the sound/lighting boards.  Never in a million years did I, or could I, even imagine what those techs were about to do.

There is no doubt that P!nk is probably one of the last live singers.  Go ahead and question if she is singing live, I dare you.  In her lyrical performance of “Try”, I could hear her hitting the floor from the feedback, in the mic.

I cried.

It was so real.

We all lived that song at that moment.  So empowering.  So hopeful.  OK, that was one of the times I cried that night.  I also cried after the video montage, which reflects everything she is about … human rights … love … girl power … equality.  This lead into the most moving company performance of “What About Us”.

I am not going to give away the shows 2 part ending.  But again, after I danced and cheered I again cried like a baby.  The last moments were vulnerable, delicate and simply breathtaking.  Stripped down raw pure talent is how I will sum that up.

For Christ sake there is nothing this woman cannot sing or do.  In the words of Randy Jackson from his days on American Idol “You can sing the phone book!” It was my honor to be there.  P!nk you are a freaking genius with undeniable talent and passion for your art.  You have innate ability to combine a massive group of different individuals as 1 by captivating them.


Kristin Kupiec

June 3rd, 2018

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