Owl Company – Horizon – KLICK IT? or FLICK IT?

Owl Company – Horizon – KLICK IT? or FLICK IT?

Band: Owl Company
Album Review: Horizon


Band Members:
Felipe Ruiz – Guitars
Enrico Minelli – Vocals
Fabio Yamamoto – Bass
Thiago Biasoli – Drums

KLicK It or FLicK It? : 100% KLicKed


Track Highlights:

Ain’t Time For This – Check out 2:53, killer and sexy rock and roll break.

Caged Emotions – These are the deep, bluesy rock and roll gospel type vocals I wanted to hear on this album.

Riddles – Takes you to church, southern rock and roll style. Intro vocals are on point with amazing guitar to back.


Overall Impression:
At some points I felt the instruments over powered the vocals too much. Enrico has such an amazingly deep and sultry voice that I just want to hear it full on and
up front. However, the instrumentals are nothing but “eargasmic”. Felipe is just incredible on the guitar. This album has its own unique sound. Like I mentioned above southern rock and
roll gospel and I 100% dig it.



I am 1 person giving my 1 opinion on tracks/records and some may agree some may disagree. That is the beauty of any piece of art, each person sees it different.
When it comes down to it I am in radio and I am NOT a journalist nor do I pretend to play one on TV so please no grammer police etc.

Kristin Kupiec

July 5th, 2017

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