Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – Fetish – KLICK IT? or FLICK IT?

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – Fetish – KLICK IT? or FLICK IT?

Artist: Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Song Review: Fetish


Overall Impression:

To me Joan Jett is a legend, a rebel, a barrier breaker however I just don’t get this song.  Too much in music and the quality of music these days falls to the wayside for a topic such as sex.  Do not get me wrong we all love sex and sexual content however I expect more from artists like Joan Jett.  There is no “meat” to this song instrumentally nor vocally, no catchy hook, nothing.  Sorry but not a single thing I dug about this track EXCEPT the normal Joan raspy vocals.  Her tone is always dope.


I am 1 person giving my 1 opinion on tracks/records and some may agree some may disagree.  That is the beauty of any piece of art, each person sees it different.  When it comes down to it I am in radio and I am NOT a journalist nor do I pretend to play one on TV so please no grammar police etc.


Kristin Kupiec

July 28th, 2017

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