DED – Mis-an-thrope – KLICK IT? or FLICK IT?

DED – Mis-an-thrope – KLICK IT? or FLICK IT?

Band: Ded
Album Review: Mis-An-thrope


Band Members:

Joe Cotela (Vocals)
David Ludlow (Guitar)
Kyle Koelsch (Bass)
Matt Reinhard (Drums)

KLicK It or FLicK It? : HOLY FUCKING KLicKed!!!


Track List:

Dead To Me
Remember The Enemy
I Exist
Hate Me



Overall Impression:

Dear Rob Zombie, I do believe we have some amazing music here for your next horror flick.

There are so many things I HAVE to say about this album starting with Joe’s vocal variety is nothing short of impressive.  Instrumentally, nothing short of full on clear sounds of brilliance from David, Kyle & Matt. These guys are born to be this band.  Their blend is again, nothing short of impressive.  So many times you hear tracks or albums and its a fight to out shine however this album shines because of the equality in their performances.  The lyrics, the pure anger followed up with genuine softer sincere vocals, the use of surprise techno undertones like in “Remember The Enemy” or the eargasmic distortions in the instrumentals in tracks like “I Exist” even the poppier (if that’s a word) touches in “Inside” and then holy fuck they hit you with the ballad “BEAUTIFUL”.

Look bottom line here is there is not a single damn thing I did not like or actually FUCKING LOVE about this entire album.  The original 2 tracks “FMFY” and “Anti-Everything” released show you NOTHING compared to what the rest of this album does.  They have the catchy lyrics in songs like “Hate Me” that will be stuck in your head happily for days.I can not wait for everyone to hear this.  I am grateful at moments like this for being in this industry because I get first dibs to the eargasms amazing bands like Ded provide.




I am 1 person giving my 1 opinion on tracks/records and some may agree some may disagree. That is the beauty of any piece of art, each person sees it different.  When it comes down to it I am in radio and I am NOT a journalist nor do I pretend to play one on TV so please no grammer police etc.

Kristin Kupiec

July 11th, 2017

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