Video Premiere: BEAST IN BLACK's 'From Hell With Love'

Video Premiere: BEAST IN BLACK's 'From Hell With Love'

Video Premiere: BEAST IN BLACK's 'From Hell With Love'
The official music video for “From Hell With Love”, the title track of the sophomore album from BEAST IN BLACK, can be seen below. The disc was released on February 8 via Nuclear Blast.

BEAST IN BLACK is the Helsinki, Finland-based metal group led by former BATTLE BEAST guitarist and main songwriter Anton Kabanen.

The follow-up to 2017’s “Berserker” was once again recorded in Anton‘s Sound Request Studio, and true to the motto “never change a winning team,” the cover artwork was created by Roman Ismailov, who worked on “Berserker” as well as the first record Kabanen wrote with BATTLE BEAST, “Steel” (2012).

In a recent interview with Hardwired, Anton stated about the ’80s rock and pop ovetones on “From Hell With Love”: “Songwriting is always a natural process. You just write what you hear in your head, so it’s more of a listening process. When you write something, you try to listen to the song and what it needs, and just put it there. I don’t know how clear this explanation is, but that’s how it is for me more or less. The elements that are there that make it ’80s… I believe in the ’80s they made a lot of evergreens. It’s not actually about me believing it, it’s the fact that there are lots of evergreen hits coming from that time. I listened to a lot of that stuff during my life. And I like it, which is why it comes naturally when you absorb the things you like the most — it’s there inside you. And when you write, it comes from the subconscious, a musical idea you can’t really pinpoint at the moment of writing. But you still write it, because you think it sounds cool. And the choice of instrumentation, what kind of keyboard sounds. It’s a matter of taste as well. I just really like the ’80s soundscape and the instrument sounds, mainly the keyboards. And also all of the band members are fans of the ’80s music. We love melodic music very much, so it’s only natural for us to make an album like this. We didn’t deliberately try to do an ’80s album. It just happened that after the selection of the songs the wholeness ended up being strongly ’80s. But I never thought, ‘Hey, let’s make a super ’80s album.’ It’s just how it turned out.”

“From Hell With Love” track listing:

01. Cry Out For A Hero
02. From Hell With Love
03. Sweet True Lies
04. Repentless
05. Die By The Blade
06. Oceandeep
07. Unlimited Sin
08. True Believer
09. This Is War
10. Heart Of Steel
11. No Surrender

Bonus tracks (digipak and 2LP only!)

12. Killed By Death (MOTÖRHEAD cover)
13. No Easy Way Out (ROBERT TEPPER cover)

Kabanen was dismissed from BATTLE BEAST in February 2015 due to what was described at the time as “insurmountable disagreements” with the other members of the band.

Video Premiere: BEAST IN BLACK's 'From Hell With Love'
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February 13th, 2019

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