TED NUGENT To Begin Recording New Album Next Week

TED NUGENT To Begin Recording New Album Next Week
Ted Nugent has confirmed that he is preparing to enter the studio to begin recording his new album for a tentative late 2021 release. Earlier today, the outspoken conservative rocker, whose last studio LP, “The Music Made Me Do It”, came out in 2018, stated during a YouTube livestream (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Jason [Hartless, drums] and Greg [Smith, bass] and I will be in this sanctuary in the Ted Nugent man cave cuckoo’s nest of sonic bombast delight starting in about 10 days… No, one week — holy shit! — one week from today, on Father’s Day, we will begin recording Ted Nugent Detroit muscle, outrageous, killer, grindmaster rhythm-and-blues rock and roll songs. I can’t wait.”

He continued: “Jason Hartless — best drummer on the planet. Greg Smith — best bass player and a killer vocalist. And we’re gonna come in here and unleash 10 monster songs — killer new songs for a killer new record that we’re gonna record in the next couple of weeks. And I hope to God that the Ted Nugent Detroit muscle CD, or however they do it nowadays — the record, my new album — will be out before the winter, I hope. Maybe before hunting season, ’cause we’re gonna wrap it up here in the next month.”

This past March, Ted said that Donald Trump came up with the title of his next studio effort. A fervent supporter of the former U.S. president, Ted told the “Bolling With Favre” podcast: “When we were in Michigan, we did these [Trump] rallies [ahead of the 2020 presidential election] — the unprecedented rallies of 25 thousand, 30 thousand people that were chanting, ‘We love you! We love you! We love you!’ The only time it’s ever happened in history, because here came a hell-raising president, a ‘we the people’, constitutional, businessman president that secured the border, that reduced crime rates, that reduced unemployment, that renegotiated global contracts to actually benefit America. Just a great, great man, a great president. And I’m in the audience, ’cause I would promote these events. And we really escalated the attendance, because Uncle Ted, especially in the winter wonderland of Michigan… And he would always acknowledge me. [He’d go], ‘Where’s that Ted Nugent? Well, there he is. Ted, we’re so glad you’re here. You know you’re a handsome devil.’ And I go, ‘Whatever.’ And so my new record’s gonna be called Ted Nugent ‘Handsome Devil’. And we actually have the audio of the president saying that.”

Released via Round Hill Records, “The Music Made Me Do It” was Nugent‘s first studio album in four years. Accompanying the CD was a bonus DVD, “Live At Freedom Hill”, a full-length concert captured at Freedom Hill Amphitheatre in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Nugent has carved a permanent place in rock ‘n’ roll history as the ultimate guitar-shredding showman, selling more than 40 million albums and performing nearly seven thousand high-octane live shows. As a budding musician, Nugent was strongly influenced by Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley, and knew he wanted to pursue that type of sound and attitude. Early bands THE ROYAL HIGHBOYS and THE LOURDS paved the way for the AMBOY DUKES — and their psychedelic “Journey To The Center Of The Mind” kicked young Ted‘s career into hyper drive. The axe maniac soon broke out as a solo artist, where the guitarist’s prodigious talent, ear-shattering volume and over-the-top stage antics quickly earned him the moniker of Motor City Madman.

Cranking out hits like “Cat Scratch Fever”, “Just What The Doctor Ordered”, “Free For All” and the iconic “Stranglehold”, Nugent garnered international acclaim and truly hit his stride, becoming one of the top-grossing tour acts in America. His no-holds-barred career now spans six decades of multi-platinum hits. The ultimate Road Warrior, touring and recording continue at Ted‘s breakneck pace. Nugent and his inimitable sound have been featured on VH1‘s “Behind The Music”, A&E‘s “Biography” and more. He was named “Detroit’s Greatest Guitar Player Of All Time” by readers of MLive.

TED NUGENT To Begin Recording New Album Next Week
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June 13th, 2021

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