Maps to The Hollywood Scars – KLICK IT? OR FLICK IT?

Band: Maps To The Hollywood Scars

Band Members:
James Durbin (American Idol)
Alex Grossi (Quiet Riot)

KLicK or FLICK = KLICK IT!!! (and do so while sporting spandex and wearing Wet n’ Wild frost white lipstick and Aquanet sprayed hair)

Track by Track Review:

Roads: Gonna be honest here and I am sorry but I can not get behind the vocals on this one.

Till Death: Flat out great song. AMAZING vocals and guitar work.

Lost Boys: If you take out the “Do you want to live forever?” and went from the whistle into the “harder music”
this song would have been 100% in my book. Great vocal. Great instrumentals. Wont lie had it flashing
movie scenes in my head from a happier decade.

Abomination: Good song with solid vocals HOWEVER THAT GUITAR BREAK … in-fucking-sane!

Never Ending Ride: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song and I normally do not care for “pop rock” feeling songs.
With that said I cant figure how it fits in with the flow of the rest of the tracks. The vibe of this one is very “Fall Out Boy”.  NOT THAT THAT IS A BAD THING,
but this song just needs to be a single all on its own.  The vocals, the lyrics, the instrumentals all steller.

Overall Impression:
WELCOME BACK GLAM ROCK!!! Oh how some of us have missed thee.
So “SLEEP ALL DAY AND PARTY ALL NIGHT” to this flashback feeling record. Only thing it needed to be a fully rounded
“hair album” is an EXTREME power ballad and I can’t wait to hear what these guys come out with next cause you can tell
that power ballad is dying to come out of both of them.

Durbin…NICELY DONE on the evolution of yourself/voice since American Idol. Yes, I was a fan.

I am 1 person giving my 1 opinion on tracks/records and some may agree some may disagree. That is the beauty of any piece of art, each person sees it different.
When it comes down to it I am in radio and I am NOT a journalist nor do I pretend to play one on TV so please no grammar police etc.

Kristin Kupiec

April 28th, 2017

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