KIP WINGER: Trailer For 'Solo Box Set Collection'

KIP WINGER: Trailer For 'Solo Box Set Collection'

KIP WINGER: Trailer For 'Solo Box Set Collection'
On March 23, Frontiers Music Srl will release a box set collecting all the solo works of acclaimed Grammy-nominated composer Kip Winger into one collection. The set will be comprised of Kip‘s solo albums, including:

* This Conversation Seems Like A Dream (1997)
* Down Incognito (1998)
* Songs From The Ocean Floor (2000)
* From The Moon To The Sun (2008)

In addition, there is going to be a bonus disc (exclusive to the physical edition, while stock lasts), which includes a new previously unreleased song and all of the bonus cuts from previous records.

The “Solo Box Set Collection” will be a strictly limited edition of 1,500 copies (worldwide) and include five CDs in vinyl replica cases and a booklet with liner notes written by Kip Winger.

A trailer for “Solo Box Set Collection” is available below.

Kip Winger rode the wave of the ’80s/early ’90s pop-metal explosion first with Alice Cooper and then in the wildly successful band of his namesake, WINGER, before beginning a solo career in the late ’90s. His debut solo effort, “This Conversation Seems Like A Dream”, was released in 1997 and supported with a solo acoustic tour. An acoustic album featuring the new track “Another Way” and of past favorites, “Down Incognito”, was then released in 1999. Winger followed it with his second proper solo album, 2000’s “Songs From The Ocean Floor”, which addressed his grief over the loss of his wife, who had passed away in a car accident shortly after the release of his first solo album. After a long hiatus with his solo work, Kip returned with “From The Moon To The Sun” in 2008; an extensive body of work that includes everything from straight-up heavy and dark music to absolutely melodic and beautiful works.

More recently, Winger has enjoyed success composing classical music. Choreographer Christopher Wheeldon created the ballet “Ghosts”, based on a piece Kip wrote, which premiered at the San Francisco Ballet on February 9, 2010. The ballet was a hit and was brought back for a five seasons in 2010. “Ghosts” will make its Nashville debut in May 2018 with Nashville Ballet. Winger then composed a four-part work titled “Conversations With Nijinsky”, intended to celebrate the life of ballet dancer and choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky. A recording of the piece performed by the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra on the album “C.F. Kip Winger: Conversations With Nijinsky” entered at No. 1 on the traditional classical category on the Billboard music charts. “Conversations With Nijinsky” was also nominated in the “Best Classical Contemporary Composition” category at the 59th annual Grammy Awards.

Track listing:

CD 1 – This Conversation Seems Like A Dream

01. Kiss Of Life
02. Monster
03. Endless Circles
04. Angel Of The Underground
05. Steam
06. I’ll Be Down
07. Naked Son
08. Daniel
09. How Far Will We Go
10. Don’t Let Go
11. Here

CD 2 – Down Incognito

01. Another Way
02. Down Incognito
03. Under One Condition
04. Miles Away
05. Steam
06. Headed For A Heartbreak
07. How Far Will We Go
08. Naked Son
09. Spell I’m Under
10. Easy Come Easy Go
11. Daniel

CD 3 – Songs From The Ocean Floor

01. Cross
02. Crash The Wall
03. Sure Was A Wildflower
04. Two Lovers Stand
05. Landslide
06. Faster
07. Song Of Midnight
08. Free
09. Only One Word
10. Broken Open
11. Resurrection
12. Everything You Need

CD 4 – From The Moon To The Sun

01. Every Story Told
02. Nothing
03. Where Will You Go
04. Pages And Pages
05. In Your Eyes Another Life
06. Runaway
07. California
08. What We Are
09. One Big Game
10. Why
11. Reason To Believe

CD 5 – Bonus CD

01. Hands Of Love
02. Monster (European bonus track)
03. Holy Man
04. Free (Instrumental)
05. Ghosts
06. Now And Forever
07. Kiss Of Life (Demo)
08. Don’t Let Go (Demo)
09. Headed For A Heartbreak (Demo 1987)
10. Hour Of Need (Demo)
11. Monster (Demo)
12. Rainbow In The Rose
13. Blind Revolution Mad
14. Headed For A Heartbreak (Live)

KIP WINGER: Trailer For 'Solo Box Set Collection'
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February 1st, 2018

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