HELMET's PAGE HAMILTON: COVID-19 'Sees No Borders Or Political Affiliations'

HELMET's PAGE HAMILTON: COVID-19 'Sees No Borders Or Political Affiliations'
In a new interview with Metal Express Radio ‘s Matt Zaniboni, HELMET frontman Page Hamilton said that we must try to get along better, regardless of political, religious or socioeconomic differences. “We’re just human beings,” he said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). “We’re all essentially the same. Race, religion, sexual orientation, whatever it is — as long as you’re not hurting anybody else [and are] compassionate. That’s something that touring has been a gift for me, to get to spend 35 years [on the road] and meeting people of all walks of life all over the world. It’s not just about this country and then this state and then this county and then this city, and ‘we hate you because you’re in a neighboring town…’ It’s, like, c’mon, man. Knock it off. It’s the human race. It really is. I believe that in my heart.

“I know that [comedian] Bill Burr was right,” he continued. “Eighty-five percent of people are cool — even if you disagree with them politically. I have people in my life that I disagree with. I grew up in a family with a Republican mother and father and a Republican younger brother and sister — all four of them. I’m the only leftie in the family. And they gave me shit for years and years and years, but we didn’t fight. I understand where they were coming from, and they understood where I’m coming from.

“This divisive sort of tone is something that is… We’ve gotta continue to fight to dispel that kind of anger and hatred,” Hamilton, who formed HELMET in early 1989, added. “The truth is the truth, man. Seven hundred thousand people [in the U.S.] are dead from this [virus]. As Jen Psaki, the White House spokesperson, said, the virus sees no borders or political affiliations. It’s gonna kill whoever it’s gonna get into.”

HELMET‘s first official live album, “Live And Rare”, was released on November 26 via earMUSIC. It was made available on heavyweight black vinyl as well as a CD digipak edition and digital.

Although HELMET disbanded in 1997, Hamilton revived the band in 2004, and the group has continued to tour and record.

HELMET‘s latest album, “Dead To The World”, was released in October 2016 via earMUSIC.

HELMET's PAGE HAMILTON: COVID-19 'Sees No Borders Or Political Affiliations'
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December 8th, 2021

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