ACE FREHLEY Joins ALICE COOPER On Stage In West Palm Beach And Tampa (Video)

ACE FREHLEY Joins ALICE COOPER On Stage In West Palm Beach And Tampa (Video)
Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley joined Alice Cooper on stage to perform the legendary rocker’s song “School’s Out” at their joint concerts in West Palm Beach (October 10) and Tampa (October 11). Fan-filmed video footage of Ace‘s appearances can be seen below.

Frehley is currently supporting Cooper on a 26-city U.S. tour.

Ace‘s band features guitarists Ryan Cook and Jeremy Asbock, bassist Philip Shouse and drummer Matt Starr.

When Frehley‘s tour with Cooper was first announced in May, Ace said in a statement: “I’ve known Alice for over 30 years. We’re good friends, and we’ve toured together numerous times and always had a blast. Our musical roots are very similar, and the combination of our two bands make for a great event that nobody is gonna want to miss. Being off the road for more than a year because of the pandemic has been tough on everyone in the music industry, and I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the fans happy, healthy, and ready to rock.”

Last December, Frehley told Talking Metal Live that he would begin recording his next all-original album “after the New Year.” The record will be the follow-up to “Spaceman”, which was released in October 2018 via eOne. Ace is laying down the effort at the newly built studio at his new house in New Jersey.

Earlier last year, Frehley told Canada’s iHeart Radio that he has “only written about three songs” for his next LP, and he added they were “not finished.” He said: “Now that I’m [living] on the East Coast [after moving to New Jersey from Southern California], my engineer only lives an hour from me, Alex Salzman, who worked with me extensively on this last record, and he played a lot of bass guitar as well, So it’s gonna be even easier, ‘Origins Vol. 3’ and the next [original] record.”

Frehley‘s latest release was “Origins Vol. 2”, the sequel to his 2016 collection of cover songs that inspired the former KISS guitarist.

ACE FREHLEY Joins ALICE COOPER On Stage In West Palm Beach And Tampa (Video)
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October 13th, 2021

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